I'm not the type of therapist you see on tv. 

“By doing the work to love ourselves more, I believe we will love each other better.”
-Laverne Cox: Actress, Producer & Transgender Advocate

I am a believer in equity and integrity, and I recognize that our cultural and social systems are severely lacking in both of those values. Our mental health is not only affected by challenges in our personal lives, but the way our cultural structures, systems, and norms impact - and often oppress and harm - us, too. While we can’t dismantle those larger social issues in our therapy sessions, I can offer you a safe, affirming place to explore their impact.

My own lived experience has shaped my life and informed my journey to become a therapist for teens, young adults, and those who have experienced infertility trauma and grief. No two experiences are the same, so I can’t say that I’ve been in your shoes. But I can empathize with you and hold space for you, without judgment.

You are the expert in your own life. And I’m here to help you work through whatever barriers you are facing, so you can embrace that inner expert.

I tend to be a bit too rebellious for all of that! My personality is genuine, while sassy and sarcastic. I don’t take myself too seriously most of the time, but I always take this work — and the privilege of being able to do it — very seriously.

Do you want to learn more about me and my approach to therapy? Or have a question before we get started? 

I’ve also completed a 10-month course on infertility counseling and am always looking for training and opportunities to grow as a therapist.

Currently, I am licensed and serving clients located in Oklahoma.

I have my LCSW and have been working in the field for 17 years.

In addition to my role as a therapist, I have worked in community mental health centers, agencies, and project management.

My professional experience is an important foundation for my work, too — helping me to help you.

I love animals and will never not want to see pictures of your non-human family members! 

I’m also a huge pop culture fan and will often pull references into sessions. We shape pop culture, and it shapes us, too! 

I love Hip Hop and R&B, especially from the 90s, and will use song lyrics in session from time to time.

Get to Know Me!

My practice is safe and affirming for people of all genders, sexualities, abilities, religions, and racial and ethnic identities. Social injustices and inequities harm our physical and mental health, so I strive to center my practice in the ethics of antiracism, climate justice, and reproductive justice for all.