As a parent, you may be seeing changes in your teenager that you don’t understand and that feel scary. They might be withdrawing from you, friends, or life in general. Maybe they are lashing out or making choices that are putting them at risk. You may be asking yourself the tough questions: “How do I help a teenager with anxiety and depression? Where do I start?”

Maybe your child seems sad, worried, angry, or not themselves and you aren't sure how to help.

You see your teen struggling with things you may not fully understand, but want to get them the support and tools they need.

You want your child to have more confidence and ability to manage their feelings in healthy ways.

I offer online therapy across OK & TX to help teens feel more confident and better manage their emotions.

Are you the parent of a teen?

It’s possible that your teen is directly asking you for a therapist as they work to navigate the stuff that feels too big or too hard. Being a teenager or young adult is so hard, and having a trusted adult to talk to can be a game changer. As teens start to become more independent and head out into the world, a lot of mixed feelings and challenges can pop up.

Working with me will give your child a time and space that is just for them to explore and learn about themselves, their emotions, and healthy ways to approach the things that they are trying to navigate.

You want to stay asleep and hide away from the world

You miss a lot of school, and you frequently experience headaches or stomach aches

You find yourself with a lot of questions about who you are and could use the space to sort that out

You feel angry for no reason, feel sad more often than not, and worry about a lot of things. Sometimes, your own emotions scare you

Maybe you’re a teenager yourself, looking for a way to communicate to your parents or guardians what you’re going through:  

Build connection
with others

Have the motivation to take care of themselves and work towards their goals 

Finish school and find a career and purpose

Feel more confident

Working together, we’ll be able to explore ways for your teen to feel more empowered and prepared to cope when anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and other difficult emotions come up — and help them:

Do you have questions about my pricing, session length, or how virtual counseling works? 

My practice is safe and affirming for people of all genders, sexualities, abilities, religions, and racial and ethnic identities. Social injustices and inequities harm our physical and mental health, so I strive to center my practice in the ethics of antiracism, climate justice, and reproductive justice for all.